Professional Property Stager© Expert Stager Certification

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As a Certified PPS© Expert Stager, potential clients will recognize your business as a “Top Shelf Service.”  This Certification will attract many new business opportunities for you giving you the potential to earn unlimited revenue in several niche markets.  You will learn the proven methods of the Full Service Plan (FSP©), enabling you to effectively win jobs you have bid on.  Mastering the FSP© service will give you the confidence to engage in large projects associated with home builders, investors, senior residences, hotels, events, and more.  The sky is the limit.

The PPS Expert Certification will open many new business opportunities for you and provides tools that can create unlimited sources of revenue. Once you have mastered the Full Service Plan© process you will have the confidence to harness new business and projects associated with home builders, investors, senior residences, commercial properties event staging and more. Fasten your seatbelt and get ready to soar as a Professional Property Staging Expert!

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Professional Property Stager Expert, Level IV – Course Objectives:

  • Projecting staging project costs
  • Writing effective guesstimates
  • Property Valuation process
  • Formulating a GBB Estimate plan
  • Project Management
  • Billing policies & procedures

Data Collection Strategies, Calculating Costs Formulas, Team fee calculations and more are required to run a successful Property Staging business.  The tools provided include:

  • Full Service Valuation Form
  • Full Service GBB Estimate Form
  • Full Service Guesstimate
  • Rental and Service schedules
  • FSP© Rental Agreement

Includes all Business Forms are specially designed with your branding.  A web presence is included, your contact details and certification(s) will be listed on the PPS© Directory of Talent.

BONUS, we have also included a One-on-One Coaching Session.


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