Professional Property Stager© Lead Stager Certification (Level III of IV Series)

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The PPS© Lead Stager Certification focuses on the Shared Service Plan©, which will, with little effort, generate much-added revenue to your business. This second level of service provided by Professional Property Stagers© transitions the LSP © Consultation to the SSP© by supporting your Sellers with additional services such as rental of props, property staging services, and more. Thanks to HGTV and other similar programs that expose sellers to the potential of increased equity in their home, sellers now appreciate the value of staging their property and have come to recognize it as an effective merchandising tool. The SSP© enables you to present your clients with a professional format that will provide a clear visual breakdown of what is needed to accomplish showcase readiness for their home. This service leaves no stone unturned.

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PPS© Lead Stager Certification – Level III of IV Series

As a PPS© Lead Stager along with the tools and expertise you provide, your clients will be confident in your recommendations and will invest in additional props and services that will help sell their home faster and for more money. Having the right tools and forms is one step, understanding and implementing policies and processes correctly is key.  Upon completion of the PPS© Lead certification, you will have the necessary tools and formulas to calculate a budget, as well as the required proven business forms to support you and your clients’ needs

Course Objectives:
  • Transitioning from the Limited Service Plan (LSP©) to the Shared Service Plan (SSP©)
  • Shared Service Plan© strategies.
  • Implementing the PPS© Lead Stager business tools.
  • Creating your project plan & team management.
  • SSP© staging techniques.
  • General Property Stager business SSP© Service practices.


  • Online Instructor Led-Training
  • Assignment and Examination
  • PPS© Lead Stager Handbook (hardcopy shipped)
  • SSP© Business Forms Complete with your company branding
  • SSP© Project Forms Complete with your company branding
  • SSP© Inventory and Service Schedules
  • Professional Property Stager© Lead Certificate
  • Web Presence – your credentials listed on the PPS Directory of Talent

BONUS,  you also receive a 30-minute, One-on-One Coaching Session.


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