Professional Property Stager© Novice Certification (Level I of IV Series)

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The Professional Property Stager© Novice Certification, gives you a window into the world of staging.  It focuses on the Property Staging component of your business.  You will learn, in depth, the fundamentals of Property Staging from floor to ceiling.  Staging design elements including color, texture, and the study of current trends.  You will master the staging process and develop staging techniques that will show your clients your ability to reclaim lost equity and create marketable configurations.  After completion of this certification, you will have the confidence to help clients sell their homes faster and smarter.


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Professional Property Stager© – Novice Certification – Level I of IV Series

Welcome to the exciting world of Professional Property Staging.  The first step to becoming a Certified Professional Property Stager.

The PPS© Novice Certification is the first of a four level series.  At this level you will learn the concepts and fundamentals of property staging so you can assist clients with “stage to live” or “stage to sell” projects.  The PPS© Novice handbook will serve as one of your most important reference tools. It includes visuals to guide you through the process of property staging. Your instructor will take you through the details of proven methods and formulas to assist you with room configurations, giving you the confidence to support your clients needs successfully. Our training format allows individuals to mold their staging career to fit both lifestyle and budget. The user interface for students is attractive and easy to navigate.

  • Color Concepts, Space and Texture
  • Industry Standards and current trends
  • Key principles, strategies and methods to property staging
  • Steps to Property Staging – Room Diagnosis and Recommendations
  • Elements of Design: Stage to Sell, Stage to Live.
  • Online Instructor-Led Training
  • Examination
  • PPS© Novice Handbook (hardcopy shipped)
  • Professional Property Stager© Novice Certificate
  • Your credentials listed on the Property Stager Talent Directory

 BONUS!  Receive a 30-minute One-on-One Coaching Session

Suggested Recommendation:  All certifications can be taken independent of each other and in random order.   Established Property Stagers that have already taken a similar course equivalent to the PPS© Novice Certification and are confident in their staging abilities may choose to opt out of Level I.  Established Property Stagers looking to take their business the next level generally register for Levels II-IV to get the edge over their competition.

For those of you embarking on a Property Staging career, it is highly recommended that you take all four certifications in the following order:  Professional Property Stager© Novice Certification, Professional Property Stager© Consultant Certification, Professional Property Stager© Lead Certification and the Professional Property Stager© Expert Stager Certification.  If you plan on taking the full certification you may want to consider the BUNDLE AND SAVE package.


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